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Fortitude supports designers, architects, and agencies to level the playing field in an ever changing industry landscape


After several years of experience in the design and build industry, Fortitude Owner Jon Staton identified a need for a more seamless design to fabrication process. This independent project management firm connects the designer and the fabricator to execute a wide range of design projects, from interiors and custom retail fixtures to events and marketing packages. Fortitude has the unique ability to enthusiastically and successfully speak on the behalf of the creative team, the builders and engineers, and the client to accomplish challenges initially deemed impossible.



Custom Fabrication
Roll-out Manufacturing
Project Management
Build Consulting
Design Engineering
Site Surveys/Shop Drawings
Installation/Onsite PM 
Recap Photography/Video


Client List

Henry V
Skylab Architecture
Kamp Grizzly
Wieden + Kennedy
Factory North
Big Giant 


Meet Our Team

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